Pre Engineered Building Systems

Pre Engineered Building Systems (PEB)

Flexible Design, Efficient Construction and Greater Cost Control
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Pre-Engineered Building is modern highly efficient and cost effective construction method which still enables buildings to be constructed to the same specifications and similar architectural design parameters as conventional construction methods.

As a reputed steel building Construction company, we work closely with the customer to custom design a building system that meets your exact specifications. Using state of the art engineering software, most advanced steel engineering technology, Olinco Engineering can handover your building project within recorded time.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Construction


Cost Effective

Optimize the building design and reduce the weight of the steel. This saving can be as much as 40% compared to conventional steel buildings.


Fast, Firm Construction Timetables

Pre-engineered buildings take an average of 33% less time to erect compared with other types of construction. Time is money, and a shorter construction timetable translates into savings and a kept budget.


Design Strength

Pre-engineered buildings have the structural strength to handle extremely large loads, such as crane loading and other collateral loading. Steel framing has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood framing making it ideal for industrial & warehouse applications.


Design Flexibility

Almost any shape and size of building for almost any use, with variable heights, lengths, widths and cladding possibilities


International Quality Standards

Produced in a controlled manufacturing environment in accordance with strict national standards to ensure quality and consistency.


Architectural Versatility

Without the restrictions of bearing walls, the design limitations of conventional buildings do not apply. Almost any type of building material can be incorporated, and there is a wide variety of attractive choices for trims and cladding.


Low Lifetime Maintenance

More resistant to corrosion and decay than other building materials. Steel Buildings can last upwards of 30 years without any significant maintenance.



Made of steel and are non-combustible – an added benefit when municipal hydrants and fire services are not available.


Easily Expandable

Designed to allow future additions and expansions, as required.